The Challenge of the next decade… Transforming Corporate Managers… into Agile Leaders

« It seems that even if more than a century passed by since the invention of the Corporate structure and the hierarchical management, they are still the most adopted form of structure used today. How can this be? Are Corporate and Management outlasting any other technology and organisational evolution happened over the last 100 years? Or are we just having to deal with very resilient structures, which are hard to dismantle? Or did we ever even thought about challenging them? This presentation is focusing in particular on those aspects which are related to transforming a corporate into an agile company, and mainly challenging those institutions that make the life of the management very difficult. The disconnect between the agile principles and values and the traditional management approaches using a push system and a strong hierarchy are very taxing for the managers and for the teams. Over the past 5 years agile42 has been working helping many companies to successfully convert into agile organisations, during this process we developed many tools to support the management to move toward what we call « Agile Leadership ». In this presentation I am introducing some of those tools, and also sharing a practical way to assess your own organisation status, as well as some tools to start shifting the balance from Management to Leadership. »