Future work skills 2020 – de Radoslav Corlija 

Creativity, Management, Strategic planning, Human resources, Media, Information Technology :

« In the 1990s, IBM’s Deep Blue beat grandmaster Gary Kasparov in chess; today IBM’sWatson supercomputer is beating contestants on Jeopardy. A decade ago, workersworried about jobs being outsourced overseas; today companies such as ODesk andLiveOps can assemble teams “in the cloud” to do sales, customer support, and manyother tasks. Five years ago, it would have taken years for NASA to tag millions of photo-graphs taken by its telescope, but with the power of its collaborative platforms, the taskcan be accomplished in a few months with the help of thousands of human volunteers.Global connectivity, smart machines, and new media are just some of the driversreshaping how we think about work, what constitutes work, and the skills we will needto be productive contributors in the future.This report analyzes key drivers that will reshape the landscape of work and identifieskey work skills needed in the next 10 years. It does not consider what will be the jobs ofthe future. Many studies have tried to predict specific job categories and labor require-ments. Consistently over the years, however, it has been shown that such predictionsare difficult and many of the past predictions have been proven wrong. Rather thanfocusing on future jobs, this report looks at future work skills—proficiencies and abilitiesrequired across different jobs and work settings »…

 de Radoslav Corlija