The Future of Social is Mobility – de Christel Quek

« This is a presentation I gave recently to some of Havas Media Ortega’s key clients, including Unilever, Globe Telecom, and Unilab, the largest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. 
In this presentation, I reflect upon what are some key motifs marketers need to bear in mind as they navigate the increasingly complex brand landscape. 
1. Instead of focusing on « Social Media » as a channel, treat « Social » as a behavioral shift. 
2. Instead of thinking about Mobile (Hardware), think about Mobility (Software). 
3. The rise of social and mobility are intrinsically linked, and have led to a great volume & velocity of  earned media generated by tastemakers, interest graphs and social graphs. 

I then elaborated upon these thoughts in 4 key themes: 
– The Liquidity of Social Communities 
– The Power Shift to Consumers 
– The Science of Contagious Social Content 
– Consistency in Brand Experience 

A case study from Havas Sports and Entertainment + MPG Germany, with their work on Sparkasse Bank, was also touched upon. 
Indeed, the age of mobility has resulted in a fundamental power shift- where power is now with the people and not the brand, and where liquidity of earned media conversations can alter brand perceptions, and where social and mobile are no longer just channels, but also behavioral shifts.